Popular Hair Loss Treatments for Men

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It is well known that most men suffer from some form of hair loss. Whether it be temporary hair loss or Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), the majority of men will experience it at some point.

There’s a balance of both positive and negative comments about various hair loss treatments. Most of them are considered to be ineffective by most people. Regardless, each current treatment works for certain people in certain situations.

That being said, there are some hair loss treatments that work more often than others, causing them to be more popular. It is our goal to find these.

There are hundreds of hair loss treatments to choose from these days. The real question is, which hair loss treatments are most popular among men?

If you are interested in the answer to this question, then read on!

What Kind of Hair Loss is It?

There are a number of reasons why you may have hair loss as a male. The most common one is MPB, or male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness causes your hair follicles to die, leaving you with bald spots randomly over your head.

When it comes to MPB, you can only avoid further hair loss. You cannot revive dead hair follicle. On the other hand, if your hair loss is caused by a less permanent factor, such as diet, there are ways to rejuvenate those hair follicles and get your hair growing again.

If your hairloss is only temporary or you plan to avoid further permanent hair loss by enacting measures ahead of time, then you may want to look into the following two most popular hair loss treatments for men.

Directly Applied Foam

The first of our two most popular hair loss treatments for men is a directly applied foam. The foam is massaged directly into your head. The idea is that the nutrients and other healthy things inside the foam will be absorbed through your scalp and into your hair follicles.

Live or dormant hair follicles will be rejuvenated by the foam, causing your hair to grow stronger. For dormant hair follicles, it is supposed to reactivate them, but this will only occur if the hair follicle is now gaining everything it needs to work properly.

The foam works well for most people. However, if you find that it causes your scalp to feel itchy in any way, stop using it and consult with a doctor. You may have an allergy you are unaware of.

Hair Loss Laser Treatment

Another popular option is hair loss laser treatment. The laser targets regions with hair loss and attempts to reactivate dormant hair follicles. The overall purpose is for the laser to both revitalize lost hair and improve the growth rate of existing hair.

Hair loss laser surgery is quite safe and tends to leave no side effects. The only possibility is that you may have slightly red skin on your scalp for an hour or two. Other than that, nothing else should happen.

Main Reason the Above Hair Loss Treatments are Popular

When it comes to hair loss treatment, many of them try to target hair loss in men that have issues such as MPB. These issues cause the death of hair follicles which cannot be recovered.

The two aforementioned treatments, however, are designed to improve the health and vitality of your damaged and active hair follicles. The purpose of each treatment is to keep these hair follicles alive and producing good-quality hair for you.

Since the treatments focus on the hair follicles which can be helped, the effects are more often positive for the average customer. It still doesn’t work for people who are trying to restore their dead hair follicles, but no hair treatment works for that. If you have bald spots caused by dead hair follicles, your only options are a comb-over or a hair transplant.

These are the two most popular hair loss treatments for men to date. There are plenty of others, of course. However, these two are the most commonly used these days.

Which one of these sounds better for you? Both appear to work well, so it is up to you which you will choose!