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Oregon Trail Chapter's youth safety training courses teach children health promotion, injury prevention, basic first aid and safety precautions through open discussion, video segments, age-appropriate safety scenarios, fun activities and colorfully illustrated handbooks. Children who take these courses develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to respond in emergency situations. Classes are held at various locations throughout NW Oregon communities.

Private classes for groups of 10 to 20 students can be arranged with at least four weeks notice. For details on private classes and for schedule or general information about any of these courses, contact Dave Brooke at (503) 528-5638 or via e-mail at

Babysitter's Training (6 Hours) Click on class title for more information
Designed for youth ages 11 to 15, this six-hour Red Cross course will teach youth the needed skills to become a great babysitter. This fun, interactive course teaches first aid and safety skills so youth can prevent and respond to emergencies. As a Red Cross-trained babysitter, youth gain confidence and valuable employment skills that are useful at any life stage.

Each student received an informative Babysitter's handbook that provides information and resources to use in the course and on the job. Successful participants earn a Red Cross Babysitter's Training completion card. Make sure to bring paper, a pencil and lunch or snack.

Often class participants want to purchase first aid supplies for their sitter bags.
Click here to view first aid supplies available at the class (.pdf)

Age to Babysit in Oregon - Many states do have a minimum age limit; however in Oregon , there is no minimum age listed in the laws for youth to baby-sit. To review current Oregon legislation related to child care, please contact your state representative or visit . ( Ref. Oregon State Statute #163.545 )

Babysitter Referral - The American Red Cross does not provide Babysitting referrals however parents have several options to locate a babysitter in their area:

One option is to locate the nearest Park and Recreation center and ask if parents can post a notice looking for sitter.  (Our chapter schedules classes at many Community Centers as well as Park and Recreation facilities.)

A second option is to take out a personal ad in the high school newspaper at the school located nearest you.  Check with the career counselor as parents can often place a notice on their job board.  Sometimes, this same option works well at the middle school level.

A third option is .  This is a web site based in Texas .  Parents can look at the number of sitters registered in their zip code area for free; but it will cost the parent to access the sitter information.

When I'm in Charge - WIIC (2.5 Hours) Click on class title for more information
Youth ages 8 to 11 learn to respond safely to a variety of situations when direct parent supervision is unavailable. This course includes role-play activities about answering the phone and door and discussions on gun and Internet safety, personal safety and first aid situations.

Age to Stay Home Alone - It is unlawful in Oregon to leave a child under the age of 10 unattended in or at any place for such period of time as may be likely to endanger the health or welfare of a child.

Frequently asked question: If it is unlawful in Oregon to leave a child under the age of 10 unattended, why do you allow children as young as age eight to attend the “When I'm in Charge” class?

Answer:  To teach youth potentially life saving skills and strategies on preventing, preparing for, and responding to emergencies if a parent or guardian is not immediately available; and to educate parents about the importance of providing their children with these life saving skills.

Badge Day (3 Hours) Click on class title for more information
The Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross invites Portland-area Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops to Badge Day. This interactive event is designed for youth ages eight to 11 and Red Cross instructors will provide leadership at each station. A general session on "Calling for Help and Who to Call in What Situations" begins the day.

Basic Aid Training - B.A.T. (6 Hours) - Youth ages nine and 10 learn how to recognize and avoid potentially harmful situations, treat common injuries and respond to emergency situations. This course teaches children how to get help, rescue breathing and conscious choking response skills and first aid for burns, cuts, scrapes and bites. Participants also discuss fire escape plans and poison prevention. This course meets many requirements of the Cub Scouts Readyman Badge requirement.

Schedule your private BAT class with a minimum of 10 participants. Class maximum size is 16 participants. Minimum fee is $350 or $35 per scout. Four week notice is advised. For details about scheduling, ave Brooke at (503) 528-5638 or via e-mail at